Scarlet For True Colors Thursday


I will dedicate Scarlet Thursday to a cardinal we have named Hank. This beautiful Scarlet creature flew into my deck door windows and sat stunned in the snow by the steps. It was a harsh minus 30 wind chill and  I feared he would not survive. I kept vigil over him and finally held him in my gloved hands next to me keep him warm until he suddenly flew from my hands into a near by bush. I continued watching over him, keeping predators away, until he flitted off high up into the trees. We like to think Hank still comes back to visit us whenever we see a cardinal at the pond or feeder.

Cardnal in snow


Another beautiful Scarlet I see only in the spring  and early summer are the Day Lilies in our garden.

more scarlet daylilies cropped


However, nothing radiates  serenity like a beautiful Scarlet sunrise.

sunrise cropped

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