ABC Wednesday – ‘I’

This is the first Instance that I have adhered to the ABC Wednesday rule and find this Interesting and even challenging to participate in. I Intend to do well but we shall see as this project Intensifies as we progress. First stop is the fountain out back that is now a heaving mountain of Ice, due to the Inhospitable temperatures of our Minnesota Winter.

Ice Fountain

Lovely isn’t it? And if this isn’t enough ice for you then I can also Introduce you to an Incredible Minnesota Tradition that is built during our Winter Carnival known as the Ice Palace.


Of course then you will want to see Inside this Interesting place where people have placed placed coins Into the walls.


The large block walls are Incandescent with color.


Our Itsy-bitsy fountain pales in comparison.


It may be Inferior to the Ice Palace, but it is Impeccably cared for and well loved.

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