It’s The Little Things.




In the hum drum day-to-day, it is often the events which  seem very insignificant, to some, that can really make a difference to many. So now you ask, what could the above photo possibly have to do with the significant, (or perhaps insignificant), statement above. The printing on the box along with what the box contains is very big news IF you are a member of the Celiac Disease community.  Yes, check below the name of the product and right on the front with big green letters it states that it is now ‘Gluten Free’.

Not that I eat Corn Chex normally, but I will go grab a box in support, it is the idea that mainstream manufacturers are now starting to pay attention and take seriously, the needs of people who cannot live with gluten in their lives. Each time another manufacturer reformulates one of their products, that never really needed to contain gluten in the first place, so that it no longer contains it,  voices of the Celiac community can be heard cheering from coast to coast. Kudos to General Mills for being one of the leaders among major food manufacturers for stepping up to the plate  to offer mainstream products that can be had in any grocery store for a normal mainstream price. 

In the last few years we have started seeing a slow progression of mainstream manufacturers moving toward better labeling of gluten in their products. Prior to this movement Celiac’s were forced to purchase food items that were quite often obscure and very expensive in order to be able to have something that compared to what they ate before diagnosis. Yet, regardless of paying twice or even three times more for the item, it often tasted quite below par. I do hope that other mainstream manufactures will jump on the bandwagon and at least label their packages to help Celiac consumers decipher whether or not items contain gluten or are gluten free. Being able to just pick up a package and see it clearly stating whether or not the product contains gluten would shorten shopping time considerably and be a veritable Godsend to the Celiac family as a whole. Two Thumbs UP for General Mills.


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