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Looking Back

Again taken while driving back from a day trip through Hinckley, MN. A side mirror view also re-reflected in the car windows.  Running from a storm…into another storm.

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Renner: “Thunderstorms…HA …. I laugh at them, they don’t scare me!”

Mandy: “Oh, right Renner. You *laugh* at thunderstorms…you mean you *sleep* through thunderstorms. Look at his eyes, they are closed!”



Taken at Pipestone National Park in Pipestone Minnesota when we stopped there for some hiking while camping at Split Rock Creek State Park the end of April 2011.



It had rained so much the pipestone pits, where the Indians quarry the stone, were filled with water.

It was our first camping trip of the season and the weather was totally uncooperative. We had storms the first night, but then it just threatened to rain the rest of the time. However, the wind was just wailing the entire time so badly that we couldn’t have a campfire and it felt like you were getting beat on all the time you were outside.


Some of the worst sustained winds lasting the entire time that I have ever experienced.  The wind even made driving to and from the park difficult.  In the photo above you can see the wind ‘bowing’ Mandy’s and Renner’s leads – and pant legs blowing.  Going across the bridge, which is where we were walking toward, we were being pushed into the railings by the wind. Holding little guy’s hand became a must as he could not even keep his footing.


It was also Mandy’s very first camping trip and she relied heavily on Renner to show her the ropes.



Renner, Mandy and Ruby did very well on this trip and are looking forward to the next.  The weather on this trip did kept us inside a little bit and then we left very early on the last day there.  I do believe Mandy was anxious to get back on the road and get back home.

SONY DSC“Dad….where are you, I am ready to get going!”

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