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Some Smooth Moves

Soccer is big here where we live in Minnesota.  Blaine has the National Sports Center which is the world’s largest amateur sports and meeting facility.  Lots of soccer fields and lots of soccer.  Little guy decided it was high time he got involved! 

He has a lot of smooth moves which he had no problem exhibiting.



Sometimes you have to take a break.


Hummm…. light bulb moment!


More smooth moves coming up!


“Hey, this is cool, gotta’ show this to the guys!”


“Hey look at this! You can hang the field markers on your ears!”


Little Guy is truly an inspiration to his team mates.


And vice a versa.



“We bad…uh huh…you know it…we bad! Don’t mess with us…we bad!”

This is the stuff award winning athletes are made of! 


Nothing like an award and forced smile to end the perfect soccer experience. Winking smile

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Connected At The Hip


Mandy and Renner…not really connected at the hip, though Mandy might be more than happy if it were true.  Mandy has been with us for about 6 months and though this very people shy girl has opened up she still does a lot of hiding behind Renner.  Renner was like that when he first came to us many years back but now is pretty comfortable at playing people shield and big brother to Miss Mandy.

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Pipestone National Monument



Too much water!


We have been to Pipestone before, but never with this much water.  It was pretty hard to check out the quarries as they had all turned into little ponds.


The streams and waterfalls were swollen to the brim and rushing with power.




Still there was plenty of beautiful Pipestone to see and play on that was not underwater and we enjoyed the park just as much as before, especially seeing its ‘wet’ personality. Mother Nature does her share of dressing the park differently in accordance to the seasons.



Renner: “Hummm, that sign wasn’t here last time was it?”

Mandy: “I don’t think it was a big water bowl last time…..”

Ruby: “Maybe we should just get back to the car and hit a Dairy Queen on the way home!”


Renner: “Sounds like a plan, let’s go!”

Mandy: “I’m right behind ya big brother.”

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Mini Shopper

This would be Little Guy doing some shopping at Trader Joe’s. Very selective he is.

“Where is that Hidden Chicken….I want my free sucker!”  (Just a little game Trader Joe’s provides for their younger clientele.)

Renner: “Did you see any treats for us in that basket? I didn’t.” Sad smile


Mandy: “Me neither.  Sigh….”

At Bear Head


Went camping this last weekend at Bear Head State Park in Minnesota and did a lot of things that I will cover later as I am currently getting ready to join my folks for a while during which my Dad will be undergoing some surgery.  When I return I will post more about this trip, as well as a few other things.  This will have to do for a little while I guess. Smile


It was stormy off and on but we made haste in enjoying the outside between storms.  One has to ask, will summer come soon to Minnesota?   I think is slowly shifting into gear, but with it a lot of bad weather.  Here little guy is in charge, taking the lead as his cohorts follow obediently.


So we hang out in in appropriate gear, which changes depending on the time of day… weather here in Minnesota has been very changeable, except for sun – not a lot of that so far, but we are hopeful.  Soon there will be swimming gear, sand shovels and buckets to play with.


Hounds Ruby, Renner and Mandy stand ready to go in which ever direction their humans can finally decide upon. Sweet hounds.


Bear Head is east of Ely, up close to the northern edge of Minnesota.  The skies remained entertaining through out our trip.


Seeing quite a bit of stormy weather during the weekend, though the storms passes through pretty quickly, they were harsh.


Bears! OH MY! Winking smile


We did some boating, though not all that exciting we still ended up having a pretty good time. More on that later…..even pirate stories! Smile

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