Memorial Day Weekend–Gooseberry Falls

We left our campground at Two Harbors and did some hiking at Gooseberry Falls, taking in a lot of very rapidly moving water along with several falls 1…2…3..4..& 5.  Yep they were all there!




Doing some Geocaching along the way of course, cuz that’s just what we do.


Course getting the box used to hold the cache open is a whole ‘nuther story!

And a one and a two and a three….pull….

Yep – ended up calling in the Calvary – thanks Dad for getting that box open so we can see what is inside!  That is the whole idea behind hunting it down!


Bampa, Mandy and Ruby are ‘helping’ of course!


More falls…. and water coming up!

I’m standing on a bridge….

They are not!  Which one of us is more brave? Smile

We have had a lot of moisture and all the falls and rivers were flowing rapidly.


Another Falls – I think this was Falls #5??  Maybe…


Standing under a bridge ‘on’ a bridge….interesting shot.

Mandy says, “We are DONE with all these falls…where is the car, I am laying down and being chauffeured back to the campground!! It is lunch time!”

And THAT was just the morning of the second day…more to come on Memorial Day Weekend up at the North Shore.

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