Last Weekend:Camping At St. Croix State Park


On the road.


Though it was a cold, very windy and rainy weekend we were off to do some Geo-caching any way.


Per usual we had a lot of navigators along to make sure we didn’t get lost.


We found this one stuck under an old wooden bridge.


Sigh, aww shucks, there are never any dog treats in those Geo-cache stashes!


Yep, they are still ‘navigating’!


We came across a big tree that had fallen down in a big windstorm. We are standing in front of the roots that had come up out of the ground.


This is the big tree that had fallen from the other side.


See all the white dots….?? We were outside and it started to rain, so we went inside the camper and started playing a game when we looked outside. We noticed it was snowing like crazy!  Not real normal weather for the second weekend in May.


Sometimes it is better to just hangout inside!



We did find a little Spring color showing up here and there, though not much!


Pretty dreary all weekend.


Sitting around the fire is nice, until the rain starts to come down again.



Pretty tiring!



Then it is time to start back home again.


It is a long drive, might as well get comfortable.

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