This Weekend: April 26th-28th, 2013.


This weekend was the first camping trip of the season, of course it had snowed earlier in the week. That is *our* camper in the above photo.



Mandy wanted you to know that even though it was 70 degrees, the piles of snow were still getting in her way sometimes. She tried to stay off the white stuff!



We were camping at William O’Brian. Not too far from where we live, as our kids were going out on their first trip with their brand new camping trailer.



My oldest daughter with Ruby, our grand-greyhound and LIttle Guy being inspired by the beauty of the St. Croix River. It separates Minnesota (where we live) from Wisconsin.



Mandy playing it cool after a long hike.



Geo-caching causes you to do some things you don’t do in every day life. That is my ,daughter in that tree, the prize we were tracking was hung high up in the branches!



Humm…. as always many navigators!



LIttle Guy trying out a little pine tree Climbing, with a little help from his Bampa!

Was a beautiful weekend as we had received several inches of snow on Monday (think it was), then were hiking in 77 degree weather most of the weekend.

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