Last Weekend: Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Perhaps a little hard to see in this photo, but Dragon Boogers are highly reflective. Smile

A blacksmith practicing his craft.


Sir Knight, let the games begin!


Could this excellent bowman be William Tell?




Wait…I *do* believe it is Sir Little Guy, Knight of the Realm.


Do not rile him as he is wielding a new dagger!


The good knight is sheathing his weapon, a good sign. All must be well.


Even the hardiest of knights must replenish. What is his choice of refreshment?


OH, I hope not!


Further growth will be required to fit into this suit of armor.


This beast required the lightest of petting in order to tame it.


What is this? Our brave knight is striking a deal with Captain Jack?


Beware when dealing with such a pirate! It nearly cost this brave knight his churro!

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