Stillwater, Minnesota

This past holiday weekend we took some time out to visit Stillwater. The day was very hot and humid however, it was enjoyable to take in the sights and do a little antiquing at the same time.

The photos below are typical of what you will see around the main tourist areas of Stillwater on just about any warm, summer weekend here in Minnesota.The only exception being all the rain we have been getting this year has left the rivers and lakes very swollen.  In the photos of the river you will be able to note the flooding if you look for things under water such as stairs, sidewalks, street signs and so on.

It was a very nice 4th of July weekend here in Minnesota…plenty hot and lots of sun. However, today we were awakened by thunderstorms and, as I sit here writing, it is again….raining.  I think the only things that are still actually benefiting by the copious amounts of rain we are continuing to get in this area are the mosquitoes.























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