ABC Wednesday: The Letter ‘K’

This ABC Wednesday brings us to the letter ‘K’ which makes me think of Kitties, Kiddies, Kites and Kitchen. First are my two nearly twenty year old Kitties. 

This is Vinni my Siamese Kitty, sleeping with one of my Greyhounds, Tyler. Unfortunately Tyler is no longer with us but Vinni keeps on snuggling up with what every Greyhound has space available.DSC00004









 The Grey Tabby Dilute shown below is my Kitty Monti. Named after Monty Python’s Flying Circus as we are Monty Python fans.  I believe he is just done taunting Grand Greyhound Ruby who so Kindly puts up with his antics.DSC00051

And of course there are Kiddies, of which mine are grown, but still fly Kites. I will put them all together in the next photos where my Kitty is watching my Kiddies (and OH) fly mini-Kites in the back yard just after the snow has melted and warmer temperatures begin luring everyone outside. Monty watch kite flying reduced

Bruce & Karissa fly minikites







 And last, but not least, representing the letter ‘K’ this week would be my Kitchen. It is due for a new paint job but I probably won’t get around to it for a while yet.Kitchencropped

So there you go, though I Know if I’d thought it out better I probably could have come up with better things. These are few things that are Kind of a big part of my life.

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