Here Again (an update)

Just got back Wednesday afternoon to find out that we were going camping on Friday through the weekend.  So I am just now getting to the update after returning from camping yesterday.

I was at my parent’s home for a while due to my Dad having surgery. We found that he has Stage 3 colon cancer.  Took him a bit to get released, he was in the hospital for 6 days after the surgery and we were happy to be able to get him back home again.  I stayed on a little while longer than previously planned due to his extended stay in the hospital but he is home now and, upon my leaving, was eating and doing everything pretty well. He will go through Chemo and, at this point, not sure what else will be included in his treatment until they talk with the Oncologist next week.  We feel that the prognosis is very good at this point.

The camping trip, well I was feeling on the tired side so didn’t do a lot, but tagged along for just about everything, as did Renner, Mandy and Ruby. I didn’t get a lot of photos this time but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. No big storms or a lot of rain but it was still rather chilly for mid-June – hey it’s Minnesota…what can I say? Winking smile

Still there was some serious horsing around.  This is little guy and his Bampa being plain old silly around the campfire.

We did not go to a state park this time, but to a commercial campground just north of St. Cloud, MN.

I was going to put Renner, Mandy and Ruby up here in this post as well, but apparently our server has just decided to deny me access to my picture folders SO, guess more photos will have to wait unless I can dig something up on my computer locally.  Let me see…

Mandy:  “OH give it UP Mom, you didn’t get any good photos anyway!  BTW…Renner is getting all the good scritches! Do something!!!!”

Ok, so there you have it, no good photos of the camping trip this time, but there is always next time. And as far as Mandy is concerned I’d better get to giving her some equal scritching time.

Thanks much for stopping by!

One thought on “Here Again (an update)

  • Oh Mandy, there’s just never enough attention for a pretty girl, is there?

    Your trip sounds pretty good! I’d be so tired after the first one, I’d beg to be carried to the campsite! You’re a brave woman!


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