April 16, 2019


Up comes the sun.  Another day has begun.




Another lovely sunrise.


View through my window. You can really see the screen this morning.

Not much to report on today so I will go back to our Florida experience. When I left off a few days back we had gone to Fort Wilderness to stay a few days and enjoy the different Disney parks.

I talked about Pandora, which was the main reason we wanted to go. That is in their Animal Kingdom park. We really enjoyed Animal Kingdom and it also had my favorite place to eat during our Disney trip. The place is called Tiffins and it was most enjoyable. The service was great and they did really well in the gluten free food area as I am a Celiac and it is a medical diet for me. The food was great.  The decor was true to the park we were in and had fascinating art work.




He was looking at the art work over my head:


Pretty cool.




If you are going, this place is a nice to stop at to eat and rest up.

While in the Animal Kingdom I also saw this guy walking around:




We have been to Disney so many times I really don’t take many photos any more. So the ones I do take are mostly odds and ends. Things that strike me.

We went to the Animal Kingdom a couple of days so we also ate at the Yak and Yeti.  Not real impressed, they did okay in the gluten free area, a much narrower list of choices. SO LOUD! Service slow.  The food not as good.  I was pretty disappointed. Very crowded as well.


So many people waiting to be seated and the majority of them had reservations.   We did. It was a pretty long wait to get in.




That is what I have for photos of the Animal Kingdom and Pandora (earlier post).

Hope I am not boring anyone.


Fidget: Well I can’t speak for the dog, but the cats in this house think you should shut your laptop and move on.


Mandy: Outside, outside, outside…Gotta’ go!

Happy Tuesday!

It’s Back – April 15, 2019


Sunrise is again visible!




My out of the window shot below.


So good to see the sun again! Hopefully we will get a few sunny days warming us up here.


The downside is that I can see the windows need washing badly.  We moved in during the winter and they didn’t really clean the windows. The builder’s crew wiped the inside, but didn’t do a great job.  I said something about it but they told me they never clean the outside.  Being that the windows are all on the first floor I will probably just wash them, but it is still really muddy and wet outside. New sod was put down the end of October so it didn’t really get a chance to fill in and so on. You really have to be careful about walking in the yard right now.

I’ll get to it, but right now I think about it every time I look out the windows.


Mandy went into the vet on Saturday for a full physical. The Vet just called me and said everything was just wonderful with her. All the tests they did, even x-rays came out with no problems for her.  The only thing is they found a little blood in her urine, so they want me to bring another sample.  It is a little worrisome but he thinks it will be fine with the second tests. So we will bring in another sample.  Fingers crossed.

She is 11.5 years of age (almost) and doing very well.


She got a new pink fuzzy bone for being so good at the appointment. Well…you know Mandy is always a good girl when at the Vet. She is nervous and wants to leave, but always cooperative.


Mandy: Actually, it is more like, hurry up and do whatever so I can get the heck out of here.

She’s looking pretty relaxed right now though.


Happy Monday!

Well Okay – April 12, 2019


Frozen screens in the window.  My view of sunrise this morning.


We stayed mostly inside yesterday.  The wind was just relentless and crazy. The sleet pellets could even be a little painful when driven by the wind. Items on the patio blowing away then freezing to the ground. The sound of the sleet against the windows droning on all day, so loud many times, you couldn’t even hear normal conversation.

When I opened the door to let Miss Mandy out, the door hit you in the face it would blow open so fast and SO hard.  The door she goes in and out of is positioned just right and the area is like a wind tunnel. It’s a new development and there is nothing really around the back of the house to break the wind. So I started putting my foot in front of the door  to fight the wind’s push. I would have to lean my body against it to close it.  A seriously weird feeling and lasted all day.


Mandy: Yeah. (sigh)

Happy Friday!


Spring? April 11, 2019

Remember when I talked about a winter storm yesterday?


That’s my sunrise shot for today.

And the roads look like this:

april 11, 2019.jpg



Schools are closed. Many offices are closed so working from home today.

The wind with this storm is really strong and you could hear how strong it was inside as it was driving the sleet to hit the house pretty hard.  Snow, sleet and rain is involved in the storm causing terrible road conditions.  It will continue throughout the day into the evening. It is much worse in the southwestern portion of Minnesota than here, north of the Twin Cities area.

Temps should be back into the 60’s next week so it won’t be hanging around for too long. Unfortunately, in Minnesota, this doesn’t mean the last we will see of snow.  One would hope it was over with this storm, but Mother Nature may decide otherwise.


Mandy: Dang, enough already of the cold bathroom!

(she was a blur to get back in the house…moving PRETTY FAST).


Fidget: No problem… just stay inside!

I’m just feeling like one of these are necessary:

sunrise Bev Beach.jpg

Back to Beverly Beach.

Happy Thursday!

No Sun Today – April 10, 2019


Was looking for a beautiful sunrise.

20190410_060539.jpgPeeking out JUST a teeny bit on the right side.


Still looking but the clouds are just taking over, though a little sun is sneaking a look on the left.

Okay – so by now you must get the drift, no sun today, later snow and LOTS more snow. Some high winds could be thrown in…hey that sounds like a Blizzard. We’ll see.

Perhaps the visitor below should be alerted:


This duck is swimming in a pond of water on the farmer’s field across the road. It is not supposed to be a pond, but alone and looking for friends, he has decided to make it his home. Will he vacate in the next 24 hours due to weather conditions?

Since the weather is on the gloomy side right now a pick me up would be to  talk about the vacation in Florida again.



Leaving the beautiful, tranquil setting of Beverly Beach behind we took off for our next destination.

Fort Wilderness at Disney World.

Now I didn’t take a lot of photos as we have been to Disney World so many times.  But we were pretty excited to see Pandora.

Unfortunately, Mandy could not go, no pets allowed.  So she was either staying with our camper or in Disney Doggy Day Care, which we have never used before.


It was nice but we kept our days short at the parks because of worrying about her being in a new place.  She did okay, but was happy to get back to the camper each day.

They had camera in the room she stayed in but she generally managed to stay in part of her room that the camera did not see.  The funny thing is that with the app. for this video thing they have there, I could talk to her and distribute treats and play music for her.  None of which she found helpful or amusing. Originally she wasn’t supposed to be with us on this two week trip that had been planned, but with Dad’s accident, the whole thing changed and we didn’t know how long we’d be in Florida, so we brought her with us.


Here we go!






Very crowded!  We had fast passes to a couple of things that had wait times of over an hour to get into.

The River of Na’vi:


I took a few photos when inside, of course cameras don’t really do justice.  BUT I will also say that there was over an hour wait for this 5 minute ride, was not worth it.  Had I been waiting THAT long for this attraction, I would have been pretty irritated.  We had a fast pass and didn’t wait nearly that long.

On the other hand, we also had a fast pass for Avatar Flight of Passage so we didn’t wait too long for that one either, but the normal wait time was often close to two hours.  That is really too long to wait in line for any ride.  BUT it was just spectacular.  We loved it and would have done it again if it weren’t for having to wait so long without the fast pass.


The foliage and scenery of Pandora was really out of this world.


Weird flowers. (of course they weren’t real)




I have a lot of photos of the strange things growing in Pandora, but you should go sometime and see for yourself!


Mandy: I love my camper.

Happy Wednesday!

April 9, 2019 – Sunrise


Sunrise progression.


Another lovely start of the day.

I understand we’d better enjoy it because after tomorrow we are in for some heavy, wet spring snow. Ack! Well perhaps it will miss us, but the weather folks are saying we could get up to 15 inches here with blizzard conditions.

Anyway, good time to share a little more about our FL vacation.

One of the things we did while at Beverly Beach is venture off to see:




The Ponce de Leon Inlet Light is a lighthouse and museum located at Ponce de León Inlet in Central Florida. At 175 feet in height, it is the tallest lighthouse in the state and one of the tallest in the United States.  Nope didn’t walk to the top, not crazy about heights.


By the Lighthouse was:



Beautiful area, relaxed and casual.

But even better…found this little jewel:


And Hidden it was!


It’s the building back at the back of the parking lot for the lighthouse, and is, as we found out by going in, on the waterfront.



20190224_122200.jpgIt is very casual, not at all fancy and just kind of sucks you in.  Of course the first question was, do you do Gluten free? (me being a Celiac it is SO important)  The answer is yes and they were not kidding.


So simple and so yummy. Fish, coleslaw on top…with a little Swiss cheese to hold it down. I love pickles and corn on the cob as well. It was perfect. We both enjoyed the food.


My drink…keeping it simple.  It was almost like having a picnic by the water.


And though we had a lot of ‘friends’ joining us, they didn’t even give us a glance.  Every pole ended up having a Pelican, or occasional other water birds, flying in to hang out in the sun.


They would groom themselves endlessly and just take a break.

I will say, I didn’t see this sign when I sat down….

drop zone.jpg

or I might have chosen a different spot.  I have kind of a reputation regarding my head being a target for birds passing over. I’ve had birds ‘hit (poop)’ me through the sun roof of my car. The sun roof wasn’t even ‘directly’ over my head. BUT nothing happened except good food and entertainment.

At Hidden Treasure Rum Bar & Grill they have a very unique weather station and it is really very accurate:


It was a fun spot and I will go back anytime we are in the area, I might pick a different table…. 😉

Happy Tuesday!

The Saga Continues – April 8, 2019


Gotta’ start with Sunrise this morning…lovely.  Enjoy it now because come midweek they are saying SNOW.  Yuck!

SO…back to the vacation portion of our nearly two month stay in FL. While we were staying at Beverly Beach we went a couple of places during the day. Most impressive was St. Augustine.  We also went over to Daytona, but didn’t really like what we saw there a whole lot. We didn’t really stick around Daytona for some sightseeing.  Maybe another time.

However, we did enjoy St. Augustine and after being there for just a day, we are thinking we need to get back and see more in the future.

Love the historical feel of the place.


Here are just a few street scenes from when we were driving around.




(above a moving car photo, lovely blur, but had to get the horses in!)


While there we did a couple of tours and really enjoyed them.  The first one was:


Loved the tour. It was really very fun and at the end of it was a sampling of the items they make there. Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, and Rum.  They do a bunch of other things and have them in a store also in the building. BBQ sauce, different honeys,  I mean, they do a lot of things with their liquors.

Some photos from the tour:


This is their cast iron syrup kettle.


It is in the waiting area to start the tour.  Mater of fact the next photo is as well.


Things that go into their product.

Portion of the tour below.


This guy was a great tour guide and his t-shirt says Eat. Sleep. Bourbon.


Different distilling kettles made from different materials, depending on what is being distilled.


And of course same for the aging barrels.

They are very community conscious and Eco based so for them it is all about giving back to the community. These barrels, in the end, are used around the city for other things once the distillery is done with them. They pull the majority of their resources from local suppliers as well.

And their rum is excellent! I am also told by a source very close to me that the gin is really good as well. 🙂

They also make their own mixers, all organic, gluten free and tasty.  A sample of  each of their liquors was made into drinks with several of their mixers and put into little plastic shot glass types samples for you to have.  And yes we had one of each.  They they have a bar in there and when you go in you can sample the bourbons…they have a few different ones.  I don’t like bourbon, and though they say distilling takes the gluten out of alcohol, I kind of steer clear because of my being a Celiac.  But I did take in the smallest sip of a couple of the samples…and may I say, cleared my sinuses and burned all the way down. Then there was the ‘beginning’ to sweat phase…;)  Yeeeah….sticking to rum in the future.

So the logical thing for us to do next was another tour at a different place.

Enter the San Sebastian Winery Tour.


It was a good tour and we tasted quite a few wines. I am not a big wine fan but I keep trying.  We did pick up a couple of bottles while there. One being a bottle of Port which I have had one glass of and I think we still have the wine I picked to get there. Though I do believe Bruce’s picks are gone, he is much more of a wine drinker than I am.

But the most important part of the wine tour was that it was next to the Chocolate Factory tour.  We ended up getting there 20 minutes after it closed. (sigh) But not to worry…the gift shop of the winery had some of their chocolate, so we hoofed it back to the winery and bought some of their chocolate. After all, Chocolate is MOST important when it comes to conscious dieting!  I must say it was tasty even if I don’t remember what the name of the chocolate place was.


Glad we went to have something to eat on the roof though. They had a live band playing up there so that made the atmosphere nice. Though my scenic view was of the town electric station with the two tours behind me…I really didn’t care. Now I don’t have a photo of that so I hope you aren’t too disappointed. 🙂


Mandy: Mom…take a breath!

Yes, yes Mandy.

ANYWAY, that pretty well takes care of the St. Augustine portion of our vacation. Then it was back to the beach.


Happy Monday!