Today On The Mississippi

Waking up the river –


Today on Miss1 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss2 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss3 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss4 7.25.18.jpg

So far the day is cloudy and rainy so there is not much action on the river right now except for these ladies:

Today On The Miss5 7.25.18.jpg

Yes – another bad photo of ducks…one of these days I will snap a decent photo of these ladies.

Mandy 7.25.18.jpg

Mandy: Mom woke me up (seriously Mom?) just so I could say, ‘Have a ‘Waggin’ good Wednesday!

House – July 24th


Yes, we finally have the framing for our house beginning.  House 7 24.18.jpg

Below is a roof truss that should be up soon – lots of wood on both sides of the street for our house now.

House2 7.24.18.jpg

The elec. walk through should be in a few weeks.  After the electrical walk through we should be able to get a better estimate of when the house will be finished and the closing can take place. We should get our moving in date.


House on July 23rd

Quick update on our mini-mansion. We were out to see it yesterday evening.

house july 23 1.jpg

The lumber is there, should be some sticks going up this week.

House July 23 2.jpg

Ahh –  actually it looks like the first couple of stick have already been set in place. Mandy is checking it out.

Mandy at house 7.23.jpg

Mandy: What in the rawhide is going on here…they keep telling me to remember this number.

Once the sticks start going up it doesn’t take long for things to really take shape.

Today On The Mississippi

Mandy: Good morning!

Mandy 7.24.18.jpg

Mandy: Don’t mind the photo, my Mom has been at the ‘special filters’ again. However, I just wanted to welcome you to today’s post. The photos were taken very early today.

Today on the Miss1 7.24.18.jpg

There is no breeze…the dog’s bike wheels are still and our flag has lost its wave. Try to take a close look at the river.Today on the Miss2 2.24.18.jpg

A morning mist has appeared as the sun begins to warm up the traveling water.

Today on the Miss3 2.24.18.jpg

The mist slowly lifts from the water’s surface and moves off the river in a different direction than the river’s flow.

Today on the Miss4 2.24.18.jpg

Beautiful and a little eerie at the same time.

Today on the Miss5 2.24.18.jpg

Above is a look at the ‘left’ point of the cove.

Today On The Miss6 7.24.18.jpg

In just the amount of time it has taken to create this post – the mist has gone.Today On The Miss7 7.24.18.jpg

And it is business as usual.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Today on the Mississippi

Today it is a beautiful day on the river, of course it is only early morning and the weather changes pretty quickly around here. Let’s get on with the photos!

Before we see what’s going on, ON the river I want to show you want we saw yesterday evening in the parking lot of the eating establishment we were going at pour 7.22.18.jpg

Just an awesome car! Check the eyes looking at you coming out of the hood. I love old cars and all of the wonderful ways people bring them back to life.

And now…TA DA… Today on the river! 🙂

Mandy: Good morning everyone…lets take a walk. I am leading the way today, so just follow me! (Mom quit taking photos of my butt please!)

Mandy 7.23.18.jpg

bad photo of duck making noise 7.23.18.jpg

So the above is a really BAD photo of a duck.  It was hard to capture it because of the angle of the sun making it impossible to actually see in the viewfinder.  However, this guy was the ONLY one on the river this morning and was going ‘quackers’ trying to attract company.  A lot of noisy quacking going on.  He was just swimming around calling to everyone who would listen while moving away from us.

camper on river point 7.23.18.jpg

This is a camper on the point. I was told the people would be fine with us fishing off their property. The folks who have been here a long time are telling us that fishing right in the little cove will not be much good, so fish off the point. I love to fish, but haven’t gone for a long time.  Maybe we will get to it yet.

left point on river 7.23.18.jpg

This is the ‘other’ point on the opposite side of the cove. Occasionally people fish while sitting on the rocks under the big tree. You can see a few wild flowers and interesting reflections in the water.

river 7.23.18 in neo.jpg

Just trying out a ‘photo effect’…fun stuff, but also would like to point out the ripples in the water between the trees…toward the left tree.  Big fish jump out in the cove quite often, lots of little ones too of course, but the big ones are fun to see. Unfortunately they don’t wait to do it until you are ready to snap the camera!  So I end up getting a lot of ‘ripple’ shots. 🙂

And that brings back to the camper, we are done with our walk.New flower 7.23.18.jpg

I do want to show you something new we got last night (mostly to bug my oldest daughter and apparently my grandson – I am putting in these last two photos). There is a metal purple flower – metal art! Very cool – it is solar powered.  Doesn’t spin, but it lights up when it is dark.

Back by the camper 7.23.18.jpg

And as you can see – well I could see and feel, that this morning there is really no breeze. The dog’s bike wheels are not spinning.  Now I mentioned my children in this because for my daughter’s birthday, among other things, I got her one with an orange kitty on a bike that has a mouse in the basket.  The have two orange kitties…and they love cats, so that is the reason for the cat.  I was presented with this reaction when I gifted it to her,  she informed me, ‘Kee (my grandson) was asking about that dog on a bike wind catcher when they were out there visiting, was it his Meema’s and why would I get it’.  My daughter explained to my grandson that apparently it is what old people do, buy things like that.  By the way, we also have a palm tree that is a few years old, you may recall from earlier photos.  It lights up but does not spin with the wind…. then again we were younger when we purchased it. What can I say….hope you all like the metal flower. 😉

Have a Marvelous Monday.